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South Park Sites

Note that while the site buttons are sorted by their earliest snapshot available on the Wayback Machine, the actual links are to each site's most recent functional update that does not redirect to a different domain.

You may want to be a bit cautious if you poke around on these pages. While I have yet to encounter any vintage viruses, many "dead" links lead to porn sites.









Browse the Net

Toonseek was Justin "Juz" Trevena of Sweeet.com's website search engine; it featured Family Guy and Simpsons websites, but over half of the pages linked were South Park sites. Although many of the linked pages haven't been saved on the Internet Archive (everyone say "It's ok Internet Archive thank you for everything you do Internet Archive we love you Internet Archive"), Toonseek is still such a fun way to browse South Park sites from late 1999 and earlier!

It's absolutely impossible for me to express how much I love the Internet Archive; I never could have to put this site together without it. Their 99+ petabyte library (I can't even begin to imagine how much information this is) contains books, images, software, and webpages, all of which you can search and view for free. Linked above, the Wayback Machine allows you to search archived web pages, and GifCities searches over 4,500,000 GeoCities gifs!

Oldavista, The Old Net, and Wiby are all search engines for the old web. They're especially useful for searching personal sites that were hosted on Geocities, Angelfire, AOL, etc.

VHSearch is a Neocities search engine.

Webmaster Resources

The internet as most people know it kind of sucks. Every page is covered in ads, every social media site is evolving into another TikTok, every Google search result is a Buzzfeed article. Others have certainly explained it better than I can, but now is really a wonderful time to carve out your own niche on the web. If you've ever considered making your own page, I encourage you to do it! I can't promise it will be easy, but there are TONS of resources out there to make it less difficult than you might expect.

Site Hosting

My page is hosted on Neocities, and I haven't had any problems with it. Yet. It's entirely free, although you can become a Supporter for multiple site hosting and more storage.


HTML and CSS are the most commonly used site building languages, so here are some guides that might be useful. I've never really used any of these because I just googled shit every 10 seconds while I built this site.

W3Schools is probably the most comprehensive coding resource site. Their tutorials start from the absolute beginning, and you can search for pretty much anything you want to do and they'll have a page about it!

There are tutorials on Neocities. The original Neocities one is cute and starts with the basics, but you can't skip around in the lessons and you do have to actually follow the instructions.

InternetingIsHard is home to more web development tutorials "for complete beginners."

Shay Howe's Learn to Code page is wordy, but there's a lot of good information.

Codecademy has courses on HTML and CSS. You have make an account to use the site, and again, you can't skip around in the lessons, which sucks.


There are a ton of layout generators that let you get away with doing as little coding as possible, and these are just a few of them. Search around until you find one you like!

Sadgrl's Layout Builder is easy to use, and the code is thoroughly commented so you can customize it without knowing much about HTML or CSS.

WebDesignRankings Layout Generator has a really simple interface to generate CSS and HTML of a basic site. At first glance, the CSS looks kind of cluttered.

Vanilla CSS is a basic CSS stylesheet that is free to download, use, and edit.


What, my collection isn't enough for you?

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

This gif collection is from a 2001 disc. More information can be found here.

Fun fact: the "Awesome South Park" button on A.N. Lucas's page is actually the button for this site.